Magda Skopińska

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  • Medical doctor, PhD – Medical University – Warsaw, Poland
  • MBA (Master of Business Administrator) – Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland
  • Ontological Coach – Newfield Network, USA
  • Somatic Coach – Strozzi Institute (Petaluma, USA)
  • International Coach Federation accreditation


  • 8 years as a Medical Doctor: physician, university teacher, researcher. Department of Dermatology, Medical University, Warsaw, Poland
  • 20 years in international corporations: leading various teams. Some examples:
    – Managing Director AGA Medical (Linde group), France
    – Managing Director and President, Johnson&Johnson, Poland
    – Vice- President of one of Surgery Businesses EMEA


Since 2012 – coach and consultant. Ontological Coach, Somatic Coach.

Associate of Strozzi Institute. The only coach in Poland using this unique and effective Somatics approach


Phase 1. My roots are in the science and the science use in practice. My favorite areas are : mathematics, physics, chemistry and evidence based medicine. I believe that only what is scientifically proven exists and can be of use in practice , that rational and critical thinking is able to deliver answers to any question. And if not- it means that the someone’s mind is not good enough.


Phase 2. Increasing number of questions without answers in my medical practice appear and a number of solutions that work in practice but nobody can explain how it happens. I discover that even biologically every human being is different. There is an increasing belief in me that emotions, moods, attitudes and automatic and conditioned reactions have a huge influence on human health and lives. I realize that modern medicine doesn’t look at a human being as a whole, but takes care mainly of the physical body or even parts of it and reacts only when the disease starts.


Phase 3. I discover step by step, that the best logical solution is not necessarily the best solution in life. People, teams attitudes and approaches have a huge impact , even on measurable results. I observe that sometimes a person or a team know in theory how to reach something – but somehow is not able to do it in practice.

During 20 years of work with people, small and big teams I realize that teams and organizations, similarly to a human being, have their own biology: which means : their proper way of reacting, own rhythm of action , energy level, character, moods, etc


Phase 4. I believe that in this quickly changing world we need to develop a completely different approach to the development and learning. Many times during lifetime people change their roles, positions, approaches, strategies, contact different cultures and professional groups. The learning has to become fast, pragmatic, focusing mainly on the capability to use and adapt new skills in practice. This includes both the ‘technical skills’, like speaking a foreign language, using new tools or computer program, as well as social, interpersonal skills, like building of trust, motivation and engagement in changing environment. This concerns also the capability to build a centered presence, especially in the environment in which requirements are increasing in number and become contradictory.


Phase 5. Development of LaFOL concept and methodology, that considers a human being as a whole. Using a mix of the work through the mind, body and emotions brings adapted and effective approaches and methods to build the impact on action, learning, relationship, moods and dignity . This allows fast, sustainable and effective results.

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