You are what you do,
what you practice.

If you want more than theory on how to effectively change your own behaviors, reactions, ways of doing, ways to relate to others , building trust, etc- you need to start practicing it.

If you see some areas in your life that you would like to change but you believe that you don’t need any individual coaching , the open workshops may be a good solution for you.

Despite the role you play at work or in life: whether you are a leader of a big organization, owner of your own company, young mother or a grandfather

  • If you believe that it would be beneficial to learn some different skills in your new or old role
  • If you wish to improve something effectively in your life
  • If you want to achieve what is important to you
  • If you want to build your own full life


Workshops are based on Strozzi Institute methodology

1,5 – 2h workshops for 2-10 people opened to everyone. It is kind of a training, like in sport. You develop new pragmatic capabilities working through the body.. Here you’ll find a possibility to practice in safe and intimate space.

Benefits the workshops:

  • balance automatic reactions under pressure. This brings more choice of reaction in difficult situations
  • act according to own goals, needs and values, without compromising relationships with others
  • develop strong, balanced relationship
  • build deep, intimate relationship with some people
  • develop effective coordination with others
  • build own dignity and dignity of others
  • give and receive assessments and feedback in practice- both in professional and private areas
  • recognize own emotional reactions and understand the information they deliver
  • recognize emotions, moods and attitudes of others
  • formulate clear requests, declines, insists , preserving own dignity and the dignity of others
  • diminish unnecessary contractions and build joyful life

First time is for free – come and try.

This is the best way to check, how it works for you.

Book your spot

You can book your spot for open workshops here. Send me an email if you wish to take part in the workshop and I will respond with information about the upcoming dates available.