Development of capabilities needed to build a high performing, strong, effective team.

Every sport team, orchestra or emergency team train together to develop the winning approaches and build the mastery. In many areas- the team mastery is build mainly through practice.

How does it work in organizations? Do we allow our teams to practice together before or in between battles? If you want your team to use its best in practice – give your people a chance to practice together! An adapted approach, coupled with a combination of various ways and learning methods using mind, language, body, moods and emotions builds not only the knowledge and understanding but also pragmatic skills and capabilities to be used individually and in a team effort.

Every program is built on specific needs and goals. It can be constructed as a combination of a set of workshops, individual coaching and/ or smaller groups coaching. It can consist as well of shorter workshops over an extended period of time.

Every program is a mixture of some theory and a lot of practice.

Examples of team workshops:

Creation of the rhythm of action between team members, including clear expectations/ requests formulation, measurable and deeply understood conditions of satisfaction acceptance, declines, counter offers, breakdowns management, performance assessments; verbal and non verbal communication.

For senior leadership teams: builds effective leadership skills and capabilities.

Helps in the development and launch of the vision, common strategy and goals. Vision that is fully embodied, and becomes a leitmotiv of all activities, not just nice slogans hanging on the walls.

Brings effective, balanced action during change and turnarounds. Helps to develop centered approach and effective coordination in difficult times. Builds the capability to see more clearly different change aspects, enabling best solutions development through wider choice options. Develops capabilities of building and strengthening relationship and cooperation in crisis situations.

Builds skills of effective commitments formulation and delivery, skillful corrective measures in difficult situations. Build trust, based on common goals, clear communication and respect.

Develops capability to undertake difficult actions in relation with others: requests, declines, insists, quits and others and to transform conflict into generative conflict.
Builds the capability of effective energy management and recovery.


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